How do I automate recordings? (using Tasker, Locale, or intent actions)

You can automatically start and stop recording by one of the following methods.


There is a nice app called Tasker that allows you to automate things based on certain conditions. For example, you can initiate action based on a timer, location, phone state, and many more. Starting from version 1.20.1, Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder supports Tasker “task” and “state”.

When used as a “state”, Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder returns the following variables:

  • %last_recording_filename : The filename of the recording that was last (or currently being) written.

Your own app

This is for Android application developers. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder supports the following Intent actions:

  • yuku.mp3recorder.action.RECORD
  • yuku.mp3recorder.action.PAUSE
  • yuku.mp3recorder.action.RESUME
  • yuku.mp3recorder.action.STOP
  • yuku.mp3recorder.action.TOGGLE_RECORD (since 2.1.1)
  • yuku.mp3recorder.action.TOGGLE_PAUSE (since 2.1.1)

Use sendBroadcast to trigger them. Set the package name to “com.hiqrecorder.full” for the Pro version or “” for the free version. There are no extras required.

The TOGGLE_RECORD action starts or stops recording, TOGGLE_PAUSE pauses and resumes recording, both of them are based on the current recording status.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder also broadcasts Intents, so your app can act accordingly. Those intents has the following actions:

  • yuku.mp3recorder.action.RECORDING_STARTED
  • yuku.mp3recorder.action.RECORDING_PAUSED (since 1.20)
  • yuku.mp3recorder.action.RECORDING_RESUMED (since 1.20)
  • yuku.mp3recorder.action.RECORDING_STOPPED

Again, no extras are given.

If you are a developer and needs assistance, please contact us.