I received a “Security Alert” when linking Dropbox for auto-upload. Why is that?

When using Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder version 2.1 or lower, you might receive the following pop-up when trying to enable Dropbox auto-upload:

Security alert
Another app on your phone may be trying to pose as the app you are currently using. The malicious app cannot access your account, but linking to Dropbox has been disabled as a precaution. Please contact support@dropbox.com

Most likely it is because you have both the Free and Pro versions of Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder installed on your device.

Dropbox SDK (integration library) does not allow multiple apps accessing the same Dropbox folder. Since both the Free and Pro versions uses the same Dropbox folder, Apps > Hi-Q Recordings, it is impossible to link both apps.

So, we advise to uninstall the Free version app and keep just the Pro version. The warning dialog is made clear on the version 2.2 and above.