Where do my recordings go if I delete the free version of Hi-Q? Do they automatically move to the Pro Version after it is installed?

By default, recordings are stored in the “Recordings” folder of the internal shared storage of your device.

What we mean by shared storage is the storage on your device that can be accessed by any application, and not tied to a particular app. (When we say “internal”, it means it is not the removable SD card.) Because it is a shared storage, if you uninstall Hi-Q, whether it is the free version or the Pro version, the recordings stored within are not going to be deleted.

Hence, if you have never changed the Location of stored recordings from Hi-Q settings, you can safely uninstall Hi-Q without losing any of your recordings.

However, there is an option in Hi-Q to store the recordings in the “App folder on SD card”. This means storing the recordings in the app-specific storage. Normally, the folder is “Android/data/com.hiqrecorder.free/files/Recordings” or “Android/data/com.hiqrecorder.full/files/Recordings” in the removable SD card. If you have set this option, uninstalling Hi-Q will cause Android to also remove your recording files. In this case, make sure you back up your recordings from the above location elsewhere before you uninstall Hi-Q.