How can I recover a recording that I accidentally deleted?

We do not store hidden copies of your recordings, because when you select Delete, the recording is immediately deleted, and there is no option to undelete it.

There is a little chance that your recording can be recovered by data recovery specialists. The sooner you stop using your device after deleting the recording, the greater is your chance to recover it.

You might be able to do it yourselves if you store the recordings on removable SD cards, but we do not recommend this for daily recordings because I/O failure rates have reportedly been great. One article shows you how to recover data with some conditions that have to be met beforehand.

This article by Avast shows more details on how it is sometimes possible to recover deleted data.

To help avoid this in the future, enable automatic backup to Dropbox (soon Google Drive) from the app settings so that new recordings are backed up safely.