What does “Waiting for server confirmation” means when uploading to Google Drive?

When you enable Google Drive automatic upload, you can see that sometimes after the upload progress reaches 100%, a “Waiting for server confirmation” message appears.

That is because Google Drive works by storing the files to be uploaded (in this case, your recordings) on your device before sending it to the Google Drive server.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder does not have control on the entire upload process, it can only request the Google Drive Service (part of Google Play Services) on your device to make a new file and send it to the Google Drive server.

What if you keep seeing “Waiting for server confirmation”? In rare cases, it is possible that the cached version of the recording file could not be sent to the server successfully by the Google Drive Service. Please tap on the recording item, select “Cancel upload”, and repeat the upload by choosing “Upload to Google Drive”.