How do I delete a recording?

If you want to delete a recording, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the recording list screen by pressing the top-left icon on the main screen
  2. Tap a recording that you want to delete (or long-press if you have enabled the “Single-tap play” from the app settings)
  3. Select “Delete” from the pop-up menu that appears.

Note that the recording is not moved to Trash or Recycle Bin, it is deleted from the storage.

To delete multiple recordings at once, long-press the first recording to activate multiple-selection mode, then select other recordings by tapping on them. After all the recordings to be deleted are selected, press the trash icon or “Delete” menu on the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Some 3rd party media players still show the recording on their playlist. You can’t play it, somehow it is still stuck there. Sooner or later it will be removed from the playlist when the system media scanner scans the whole storage.

How does LED indicator notification work?

Starting from version 2.2, you can enable LED indicator and make it blink when recording is performed.


If your device include a small light that is separate from your screen, you can enable this option and see the light blinking every few seconds when you are recording and the screen is turned off.

We use red for the LED light to indicate the “recording” status, however, some devices do not support full-color LED, so on your devices it could be white or some other colors.

How to add widget on my home screen? I keep losing it.

Please make sure that your Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is installed on your device’s storage.

To check, you can follow these steps (may vary by devices):

  1. Go to device’s Settings
  2. Select Applications > Application Manager, or Apps
  3. Select Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder
  4. Tap the Move to device storage or Move to phone if enabled.

To add a widget on your Home Screen:

  1. Long-press a blank space on your home screen, or open the app drawer/squares, and select the WIDGETS tab.
  2. If possible, long-press or tap the Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder from the pop up menu
  3. Choose one of the Widget. There are single button, two buttons, and start/stop shortcut to choose from.
  4. Hold and drag the widget to the home screen.


How do I give a name to my last recording?

To quickly rename your file when recording is stopped, open the app Settings, choose Interface, and tick Prompt for name.

Right after the recording is stopped, you will be asked for the file name. This works even when stopping recording via the widget or from the notification drawer.

What is the difference between Quick Start and Auto-start?

Quick Start allows you to start recording from your notification drawer, without having to launch Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder from the apps menu.

Auto-start lets you start recording as soon as Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is launched, without having to press the Record button from your screen.

Both settings are available to be activated from in-app Settings, section Interface.

How do I hide the “Recording” status on the notification bar or drawer?

There are two ways to hide the “Recording” notification icon on the notification bar on top of the screen.

Firstly, you can enable “alternate icon” from app Settings > Interface. This will replace the circular recording icon with a more obscure diamond icon.

Secondly, you can completely hide the icon from the notification bar, by going to app Settings > Interface > Hide notification icon. This will hide the icon that appears on the top-left corner of your screen, but when you pull down the notification bar, the entry that says that recording is in progress will still be there. This is a requirement mandated by Android that a background-running app must have a visible notification in order for that app not to be terminated prematurely by the operating system.