Unleash the power of Quick Settings

On the latest update of Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder, we introduced new UI element in the recording page that we called “Quick settings”. We thank for your feedbacks, as this feature has been suggested by some of you and we think this is going to be very useful for recording. The Quick settings gives you ability to modify the recording directly in the recording page even while the recording is ongoing.


There are 4 elements we add Quick Settings:

1. Recording format

Choose which recording format (MP3/WAV/M4A/OGG/FLAC). You can’t change the format while recording.

2. Quality

Set the recording quality. Note that WAV and FLAC don’t have this option. You can’t change the quality while recording is ongoing.

3. Gain

Adjust recording gain. The best part is you are able to adjust gain while recording. So if recording is too loud or too soft, you can easily change gain and adjust it directly in the same screen. Note that if you adjust gain while recording, you are adjusting the “current recording gain” which is specifically for that recording, meaning the gain setting will not be saved for the next recording. Meanwhile, adjusting gain while you are not in recording session will change the “default gain”.

4. Timer

Add timer and the app will automatically stop the recording after the specified time. You can adjust the timer even while recording is already ongoing. Note that timer option is only in Quick setting.

If you haven’t update the app, you can update the app through Google Play.

We hope this feature will be useful for you.


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