You Don’t Have To Purchase Again (Part 1)

Good news!

As some of you have known, Google suspended our dev account (Yuku), resulting the change of ownership of Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder to Audiophile and we will reimburse you for your second purchase via Paypal.

But a few weeks ago, a kind Google employee actually contacted us and we explained our situation to her. After a while, Google finally retrieve our account back with our apps ratings, statistics, comments are still preserved like the same as before our account were closed (Thank you, Google!).

We decided to re-activate Yuku’s Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder because there are still so many users using it. Therefore if you are existing user of Yuku, you don’t have to purchase Audiophile’s Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder if you want to install the app on another devices, as what it should be in the first place.

On the other side, there are now two similar Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder apps on Google Play (plus one free version), with both of the apps has quite amount of users using it. We don’t want to confuse you guys of which app you should download. Currently Audiophile’s has the latest version (1.21) and Yuku’s is still version 1.19.3. We will decide what should be done the best, so stay tuned for the next updates!

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