Error 1502 (Invalid parent folder) when uploading to Google Drive

The error 5: 1502 (Invalid parent folder) may occur when you upload a recording to Google Drive, either manually or automatically after you enabled the Google Drive integration.

How to fix it: Go to the Hi-Q MP3 Recorder settings > Google Drive > tap Account to log off from Google Drive, and then tap Account again to re-login to Google Drive.

This error could happen if you do an uninstall or “clear data” or “manage space” of the Google Play Services system app that is installed on your device. For more technical discussion of this issue, see the following paragraphs.

On Android, operations on Google Drive is not done directly between an app and the Google servers. It is done via an intermediate layer inside Google Play Services. When we prepare the folder to store the recordings on Google Drive, Google Play Services creates the folder internally (it works even when your device is offline) with its own ID called DriveId. The DriveId is passed to our app, and we store this DriveId for future uploads. Sooner or later, the folder is synchronized to the Google servers and the Google Play Services app stores the mapping between DriveIds and the server IDs. When you remove the data associated with the Google Play Services app, the mapping is lost. Hence, on the next upload, our app tries to give that DriveId as the location of the uploaded file, but it is no longer recognized.

Your recording files are not lost. You just need to re-login to Google Drive using the instructions above.

I received a “Security Alert” when linking Dropbox for auto-upload. Why is that?

When using Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder version 2.1 or lower, you might receive the following pop-up when trying to enable Dropbox auto-upload:

Security alert
Another app on your phone may be trying to pose as the app you are currently using. The malicious app cannot access your account, but linking to Dropbox has been disabled as a precaution. Please contact

Most likely it is because you have both the Free and Pro versions of Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder installed on your device.

Dropbox SDK (integration library) does not allow multiple apps accessing the same Dropbox folder. Since both the Free and Pro versions uses the same Dropbox folder, Apps > Hi-Q Recordings, it is impossible to link both apps.

So, we advise to uninstall the Free version app and keep just the Pro version. The warning dialog is made clear on the version 2.2 and above.

I got an error code 0xb00000000 or 0xc00000001

The error code 0xb00000000 means that Android fails to give access to the microphone to Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder.

Usually, this problem can be solved just by restarting (turning off and then on again) your device. Also, make sure there is no other apps that records audio running in the background.

Google Now Launcher is known to detect the “OK, Google” hotword most of the time. Sometimes, it fails to give way to other apps that want to take control of the audio input. You should disable the hotword detection if it causes problems.

Other apps that access the microphone will also block Hi-Q from accessing the microphone. On Android 6.0 and later, do the following to check what applications have access to the microphone:


  • On your device, open the main Settings app Settings.
  • Tap Apps or Application Manager (depending on your device, this may look different).
  • Tap Settings Settings and then App permissions. If you can’t find App permissions, you may need to tap Privacy and safety and then App permissions.
  • Tap the Microphone permission.
  • Review the apps that have the Microphone permission. Try turning off permissions for apps that you think should not access the microphone by moving the switch to the left until it turns gray.


Error message appears that it has not been possible to install on USB storage or SD card

On devices with SD card, sometimes Google Play forces an update of the app to be installed on SD card, for some reasons. We would suggest you to unmount your SD Card first, so the Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder will be installed on your device storage. Below is the steps to unmount your SD Card (may vary by device):

  1. Go to your device Settings
  2. Select Storage
  3. Touch Unmount SD Card
  4. Install Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder
  5. Mount your SD Card back, or just restart your device.