Regarding warnings from anti-virus software such as McAfee

It has come to our attention that certain anti-virus software on Android flag Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder, version 2.4 Beta 4, as harmful.

Please take note that other versions, including the most popular publicly available version 2.3.1, is not flagged as such by the anti-virus software.

We have also released 2.4 Beta 5 and 2.4 Beta 6 that is not detected as harmful.

The reason 2.4 Beta 4 was flagged is that we integrated the Tapcore SDK that shows advertisements to people using pirated copy of Hi-Q (e.g. not bought from Google Play). For more information about Tapcore, you can see the website However, we found that this is problematic and we have removed completely all things related to Tapcore in our app.

We apologize for this careless integration of 3rd-party SDK into our app. We will be more careful in the future and try to bring you more requested features instead of adding useless things.

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