Version 2.2 released

It has been so long since we released an update to Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder — more than a year ago! We apologize for the lack of updates. Thank you for many feedback that we received via Play Store and – we read them all but we could not implement all of them.

Major features of this release since 2.1:

  • Automatic upload to Google Drive
  • Seek back and forward 10s during playback
  • Playback in a loop or “A–B repeat”
  • Longer auto-stop timer up to 100 hours
  • More reliable Dropbox v2 API
  • Fine-grained adjustment of Gain
  • Smoother playback indicator
  • Individual VU-meter values in stereo recording
  • More compatibility when sharing files in Android Nougat

For detailed changes, please take a look at the Updates page.

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